One-to-one coaching

Understand, Develop a Point of View, and Acquire

Ayhan’s one-to-one coaching sessions you will attend can help you outline the lifestyle you like, specify your personal and professional goals, discover alternative solutions, see things from a different aspect, and execute your plans resolutely.

Ayhan uses his know-how and skills he gained through his 26-year professional career and 6-year coaching experience to help his clients overcome the damaging challenges they constantly encounter with every day.

Executive Coaching:

Coaching is providing support to a client in personal growth, and in developing new skills, competencies, behaviors, or in achieving specific personal goals or solving personal problems. Coaching does not mean a recommendation, therapy, or a type of psychological guidance. It is a professional partnership with clients (ICF).

We will discover the major factors, sources, and opportunities that will help you become the leader of your life and turn you into the person you want to be together through the interviews conducted in a qualified, transparent, and productive manner.

Ayhan believes that happy employees constitute the most significant factor in business, and therefore gives special attention particularly to sharpen the skills of the individuals around him.


Standard Program: 90-minute sessions, fortnightly for six months.

Intensive Program: 90-minute sessions, weekly for three months.

In the course of one-to-one sessions, you will be able to better see and identify your present situation or the issue you want to overcome.

The sessions we will attend together will be

Quick – because it will refer to the links between your personal and business lives.

Systematic – because you see how the people around you affect your business and personal lives. You realize how the unsolved past problems affect your life today. The one-to-one sessions will give you a different aspect on life, and encourage you to live your life as you like it, achieve the goals you set, and test alternative methods.

Integrated – Your mind collect information on your physical, emotional, mental, and psychological state and renders it to perceive everything your body tries to tell you.

Oriented to change the life – The one-to-one sessions included in coaching programs may totally change your life by encouraging you to change your perspective on life, career goals, or the opportunities you have.

During the one-to-one sessions, Ayhan will ask you what you expect from the program. Depending on your expectation, he will ponder over your career, and your business background. He will help you make a timeline to track major events. The entire program will be tailored according to your special needs and goals identified during the one-to-one interviews.

Ayhan manages coaching activities from Istanbul. He conducts online or one-to-one interviews in Turkish and English.


Please contact us for the first session.

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