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Ayhan Dayoğlu, ACC

Professional Management Coach, Instructor

Ayhan Dayoğlu graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yıldız Technical University (YTU) in 1988, after graduating from Haydarpaşa Technical High School. Then he qualified for graduate and Executive MBA degrees at YTÜ and SU (Sabancı University), respectively.

Ayhan who worked as an after-sales services manager responsible for products of Daf Bus and Thermo King at Boronkay A.Ş. for six years, then moved to Temsa A.Ş. as after-sales service manager of the bus group. After working as a manager in various fields of spare parts and service of all product groups and brands within Temsa, he became Turkey Director of Sales, Marketing and After Sales Services and settled in Adana with his family. After a two-year Turkey Directorate assignment, he was appointed as General Manager of the bus plant of the company in Egypt and lived in Cairo until September 30, 2011.

After a long and educational period in Temsa, Ayhan was appointed as the Assistant General Manager responsible for damage and operation at Aksigorta another affiliate of Sabancı Holding thanks to his automotive and network management experience. Ayhan, whose main responsibility in Aksigorta was to manage the relationships with persons and entities who provides services such as spare part, assistance, hospital etc., and to manage the compensation budget of up to one billion TL in a manner to support growth and profitability of the company, left the Aksigorta in August 2016 and founded Arkeon Consultancy Trading and Limited Company.

Ayhan, who believes that the most important thing to take the necessary actions is the productive and happy working individuals and focuses on increasing the talents and competence of the people around him, have successfully completed his studies at EGCP (Eurasian Gestalt Coaching Program) and GGW (Gestalt Group Works) approved by International Coaching Federation (ICF), following his coaching period. Ayhan who continued his studies regarding to the coaching and training with FLOW Coaching International and FLOW Leadership Institute, has over 500 hours of professional managerial coaching experience. Among the topics Ayhan educated are Leadership development; Developing managerial competencies; Team coaching and team management, etc.


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